Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Life Update

Life is going great even after turning 16 (:
For my birthday i got my cartridge pierced! I love it. It kinda hurts though.I almost got a cellphone but my parents said i have to wait for a Lil bit, i guess i can agree
My parents also took my family and best friend to Lewiston for the weekend .. had so much fun!  
I have been running track, getting good grades, and trying to stay out of trouble
During the weekends im always gone from home either praticing for track or making videos with makayla gray--> My best friend in the whole entire universe.
                            Check us out http://www.youtube.com/user/sierrablackner?feature=mhum
Summer is almost here!  I am working two jobs (: I'm super duper excited! .. I wish i was taking drivers ed but i guess i can wait (:

Well Im going to wrap this up, So ttyl hopefully. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Beals

Could you ever imagine spending your summer with a family you just met? Well my summer was exactly like that. The beginning of my summer I packed up some of my belongings and started a whole new life. I was brought into a family with two little kids and amazing parents. I began to love them all dearly even now after our the summer ended.  They brought me in and loved me and cared for me. They were willing to make my summer unforgettable.                                                                                                                                                                   Every morning I woke up to help this amazing, hyper, sweet girl named Brigitte. I fed her breakfast and got to sing songs from Yo Gabba Gabba with her(: She brightened my day. I made Chocolate Milk for her right when she got up. I also had to get her ready for the day ahead of us. She was never the little girl that sat their quietly and innocent. She ran wild and that's why I loved her dearly. Without her in the house, everything wouldn't of been the same.

Then their was the sweet, adorable baby boy named Spencer. He also brightened my day. His laugh was so cute and the way he tried to talk. He laughed and smiled every chance he had. I loved to hold that baby, he was so soft and warm. He wiggled a lot in my arms. Every minute I spent with him was great, except the fact I had to change his diapers sometimes. Man! That wasn't that great. At first I was scared but Christy told me she needed help one day and I got up and did it for her. I hope I was much help(;

Finally, the parents...Christy and Gabe; They were the highlight of my summer. They were such amazing parents or guardians to me. I love them so much!!!! I can't even explain................

Christy Beal was such a great person. She laughed and opened up to me. It made me tell her everything. I felt so close to her.  She was my new best friend. We laughed and even cried once together. She almost made me pee my pants. Those days when we went shopping or to the chiropractor was never forgettable(: Their were those days when she said she looked horrible and I always told her "No!! you don't.!" She always looked pretty, Even with the Dora haircut( Brigitte and she called it that). I could recall most of our memories; Like the license plate. I love Christy! You made me a braver person especially making me go on that huge green hill on a ice block! haha CRAZYY!

Gabe Gabe Gabe..Beal;  He had to get up and work every morning on the weekdays. So I never saw him until 5 that evening. But when that time came nothing was never settling to the point of boredom. He made everyone. I could probably beat him in basketball! I wouldnt' even half to try haha(: kiding.. he was pretty good.

I would have to say take a chance to meet new people. And if the outcome turns out bad, remember the good of it. I loved this family so much! I miss them alott! I was thankful to be their 15 year old teenage daughter(: I want to thank them for everything.. Putting me back in the church and giving me the spirit and the strength to get through things. They made me a stronger person. ♥

I wish to say the last time we saw eachother will not be the last to forever(:!
Love, Sierra Blackner